Kevin Mayhew Publishers are releasing a series of CDs of Geoff’s music


Heavenly Light , Heavenly Peace and Heavenly Love are all now available. They have all been recorded in the Kevin Mayhew Sound Studio at the company’s headquarters in Buxhall, Suffolk. They feature the beautiful voices of Lucy Bunce, who is also a harpist and whose website has a link on this site, and Cate Mellor, a singing teacher who also runs a theatre school, and who has recorded extensively on albums for Kevin Mayhew. All are produced by Kevin Duncan. The CDs have a mixture of solo songs, chants and instrumental tracks and all have music which is ‘richly meditative and contemplative’. Some of Geoff’s chants are also heard on the 4 CD set Chants for Prayer.





Music for the Soul by Geoffrey Nobes

Music for the Soul 


Here are Geoff’s finest compositions from his first four albums: chants set to beautiful texts; songs with lovely well-known words and specially written new poems; instrumental music to calm and uplift the heart and the soul.


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Incoming Tide by Geoffrey Nobes

Incoming Tide 


Music for Reflection and Renewal; songs and instrumental music with a strong Celtic influence. Many of the songs are set to the lovely words of David Adam and Nick Fawcett, and the instrumental tracks reflect the lovely and inspiring surroundings of the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne.


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Heavenly Love by Geoffrey Nobes

Heavenly Love  Music of joy and inspiration


This collection of songs, chants and instrumental music complements the other two CDs in this series, Heavenly Light and Heavenly Peace; rich harmonies and beautiful singing which bring you "rest for the soul"


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Heavenly Light by Geoffrey Nobes

Heavenly Peace  Music for meditation and contemplation


Songs, chants and instrumental tracks, all with the theme of peace running through them; words are from ancient Celtic prayers, specially written texts and the Scriptures.


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Heavenly Light by Geoffrey Nobes

Heavenly Light  Music for quiet and reflective prayer


This is music in the rich tradition of Taizé, Margaret Rizza and the Music of Lindisfarne - songs and chants based on old Celtic prayers, words from Scripture and specially written original texts.


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Chants by Geoffrey Nobes



A companion CD to the new Chants book; the tracks are compiled from the first three CDs in the "Heavenly" series.


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Chants for Prayer

Chants for Prayer  The music of Keith Duke, Geoffrey Nobes and Margaret Rizza


The rich, relaxing music of the fifty chants on this 4-CD set will provide over four hours of continuous ambient music. The words are from poets such as David Adam and Ray Simpson, as well as from traditional Latin texts, Celtic prayers, the Psalms and the Gospels.


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